How To Find Your Body Shape and Choose Lingerie?

The best way to find the sexiest and comfiest lingerie for daily wear is to determine your figure type. Take the tape and measure yourself to forget about uncomfortable clothing.


1. Hourglass

In most cases, a 36-24-36 is an hourglass figure, if those are your vitals then you straight up know that you have an hourglass figure. In other words, your shoulders and hips are of the same size, with a slender waistline. So wear lingerie that shape your already hot figure.

Anything really sits well with this body type. Especially, take a look at Slim & Chic Shaping Bra and Slim & Chic Slip first.

2. Pear

Triangle shape just means that you have a wider hip structure and that it is broader than your shoulders. Big hips are a thing now due to Kim Kardashian and Instagram fashion.

The attention for this body type is invariably at the hips, so you can highlight it with sexy briefs like Shaper & Push Up Brief!

3. Rectangle

Women who have everything on a straight line and no defined curves fall into this category. Your hips, shoulders, and bust are almost at the same level. There’s not a definite waistline, and most athletic-looking bodies can be categorized as rectangle shapes.

A that cinches at the waist, Slim & Chic Camisole will be the best choice for you.

4. Apple

This body type is rounded near the waist and has little or no definition. Your torso and upper body are much wider than your hips are. If you take your vitals, you will realize that there is not much of a difference. You could try lingerie that makes it all look proportionate.

Shaper Body & Push Up is the best variant that both hides the chunks of your waistline and defines the bust line.

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